About us


Professor Xinsheng Yao  Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

He is the honorary Dean of School of Pharmacy and the director of Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine of Jinan University. He has been engaged in the teaching and scientific research of traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine for a long time. He is a tutor of master and doctoral students.

Professor Baofeng Yang  Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

He is a national famous teacher, tutor of doctoral students and post-doctoral. He is a famous pharmacologist.

Tao Du, M.D., Ph.D.  Founder of Humphries Medical Consulting, LLC.  

Currently, he was the chief adviser of Humphries Medical Consultants, LLC. He received Ph.D. degree in Pathology / Pharmacology from McGill University. He was postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. He is an expert of the national thousand talents program. He has many years of FDA work experience.  He is an expert in registration strategies of FDA and NMPA.