Efficacy & PK/PD

Pharmacological Evaluation

After years of accumulated experience, multiple validations and long-term practical tests, BORUI Pharma's Animal Pharmacology and Efficacy Services Department has established a perfect animal model library, which can provide various effective animal models for testing the efficacy of drugs according to customers' needs. The experimental animals include small and large rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and small pigs, etc. The tumor modeling techniques include subcutaneous and in situ model establishment methods, and can flexibly develop and establish various customized models according to the needs of customers. Its mature drug efficacy disease models and tumor models can meet the needs of customers for different types of new drug development.  

Inflammation and immune diseases

Endocrine and metabolic diseases

Cardiovascular system diseases

Digestive system diseases

Tumor transplantation model


BORUI has set up an experienced pharmacokinetic team, which can design and conduct in vivo and in vitro pharmacokinetic tests, conduct PK/PD, and conduct clinical BE blood assays according to the different needs of customers, and has established a complete quality assurance system, and the biological sample analysis is conducted with reference to the GLP requirements proposed by CFDA. 


In vivo evaluation 

  • Drug-time curve determination (T1/2, Vd, AUC, Tmax, Cmax and other parameters) 
  • Bioavailability testing
  • Drug tissue distribution studies
  • Drug excretion studies (urine, fecal and bile excretion tests) 
  • Drug PK/PD studies


In vitro evaluation 

  • Plasma protein binding ratio determination
  • Plasma stability test 
  • Liver microsomal metabolism test
  • CYP450 inhibition test 
  • CYP450 induction test 
  • Identification of metabolites 
  • Identification of metabolic pathways