Biotechnology Department  

BORUI is committed to building the best comprehensive drug screening service platform in South China, with efficient drug screening system construction, bioassay, cell line construction, recombinant protein development and other capabilities to provide accurate and high quality R&D services at all stages from early drug discovery to IND filing.   


In Vitro Biology   

  • High Throughput Screening Platform
  • In Vitro Safety Evaluation Mini-Ames, primary cell/tumor cell line toxicity and activity, cytokine/biomarker analysis, Organ-on-a-chip, high-throughput automated systems


Biological Products 

  • Engineered Cell Line Development E. coli expression system, CHO stable cell line
  • Recombinant Protein Expression Antibody, fusion protein
  • Macromolecular Purification and Analytical Identification Biological, biochemical and biophysical characterization analysis